White label POS devices are a direct tactical approach to own brand building in retail merchandise. Usually, banks or retail chains have two options: to purchase third-party POS devices or to ask their technical team to develop POS software and supply it to the stores. The second option is time and money-consuming, while the first is promoting a third-party brand, not the own brand!

White-label POS is for retailers or banks who give POS to merchants while simultaneously focusing on brand development. It offers everything a POS must have, and, at the same time, customers can rebrand the POS. They can put their name on the devices.

White-label POS offers more than just the name. Unlike establishing your own POS, white-labeled POS saves significant time in brand development and provides additional product choices. Hence, there are things to consider before choosing a POS OEM partner, as detailed in this blog article.

Choosing The Best OEM For White-Label Retail POS

All POS device selection criteria apply to white-labeled POS as well. But, there is something extra one needs to consider while choosing the OEM partner for white label POS.

Rich in options

POS devices come in different types. A particular application, say a retail shopping mall or restaurant, may need multiples of these types. One must choose an OEM that can provide all of the options. It might help in future expansion, even if it is not required now.

For example, in a shopping complex, the POS needed at the counter won't be the same as for inventory management or in-store mobile POS. Hence, the white label partner must provide every option following the industry trends.

Some of the most common types of POS are:


Android POS

Linux POS

Pocket POS

Biometric POS, etc.

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Biometric security

Biometric security is now a premium and most demanding option in POS devices; not all OEMs offer it. Nevertheless, it has become necessary in some applications where not everyone is permitted to use POS devices. Such POS uses biometrics to verify people and only lets those who are authorized to use it. A manager's POS, for example, can be separated from the rest of the POS in a retail store. The most recent POS has fingerprint, face, and iris recognition.


The OEM's task cannot be completed just by delivering the devices. They must prolong their services if repairs or upgrades are required.

The size of the business: customer footfalls

Important part since white-label POS devices is ordered in bulk. If the customer footfall is high, the number of handy POS requirements accumulates. The OEM must provide an adequate number of POS devices in a time frame with different options per customer needs.


Already mentioned, an OEM must provide all the options for POS devices. In general, the OEM must meet the various POS needs of a business. Different applications are:

Inventory management : Handy, portable POS devices are required. Plus, different capabilities like wifi, 2G/3G/4G, card readers, barcode readers, RFID readers, etc., may be needed accordingly.

Billing counter : Much sophisticated device and software support is necessary. Additionally, a printer, large display, and customer interface are required.

Manager's POS : It offers capabilities beyond the regular POS devices. Multiple authentication techniques, a large screen to analyze real-time business statistics, and additional software capabilities.

Software integration

The POS device should support your customized software, so it works seamlessly. If the software is available on the Playstore, then it's better to choose Android POS. It has the benefit of being easy to use for all levels of employees. Some OEMs provide build-in software for various applications; retailers can choose the most suitable one.


Choosing a POS OEM is more complex than selecting a POS device. Choosing OEM is a long-term commitment that must be considered carefully. We feel that PoSt-purchase service and assistance, as well as a wide range of alternatives and high-quality products, open the door to long-term relationships. Please take a look through our variety of products and services at click here.